Saturday, 7 September 2013

The Frog

The Frog

Be kind and tender to the Frog,
   And do not call him names,
As ‘Slimy skin,’ or ‘Polly-wog,’
   Or likewise ‘Ugly James,’
Or ‘Gape-a-grin,’ or ‘Toad-gone-wrong,’   
   Or ‘Billy Bandy-knees’:
The Frog is justly sensitive
   To epithets like these.
No animal will more repay
   A treatment kind and fair;
At least so lonely people say
Who keep a frog (and, by the way,   
They are extremely rare).

2013-09-07 11.25.36
iPhone 4     Camera+ app

 A Frog in his Tea
by Rex Miller
The frog was tired of sitting still
so it jumped from the lawn
to the window sill,
and hopped through the gap
down onto the rug,
then up on the arm and into the mug.

The man looked down to his cup of tea
and saw something swimming
that couldn't get free.
He lifted it carefully and there in his
drink were two blinking eyes
looking up in surprise.

Both being shocked to meet over tea
the frog and the man
swopped smiles of glee.
Lifting him on to his palm he said
"Now that's what I call a mug shot
thank goodness my tea was not hot."

2013-09-07 11.25.55
iPhone 4     Camera+ app

I Have a Little Frog
I have a little frog
His name is Tiny Tim,
I put him in the bathtub,
To see if he could swim,
He drank up all the water,
And gobbled up the soap!
And when he tried to talk
He had a BUBBLE in his throat!

Fujifilm IS-1  720nm IR filter

 Came home from a photographically frustrating walk. Didn't take a camera as it looked like rain and saw plenty of dragons and flutters some of which would have paused for the odd portrait. Just about to unlock the back door when what should I see but a fully grown common frog looking for all the world as though it was waiting to be let in. Grabbed a few shots with the iPhone and then went in to fetch the Fujifilm and took a few in IR. Froggy was very obliging and stayed still several times to allow me to get within inches for some close shots.

I Have a Little Frog from CanTeach
A Frog in his Tea from English Poems for Kids


  1. Excellent pictures the IR is very effective.

  2. A photographically frustrating walk John.
    I seem to have heard of that before somewhere.{:))

    1. Roy: Typical - took the camera yesterday and not a dragon or flutter in sight. I think they are hiding from me ;)


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