Saturday, 30 November 2013


Another iPad app which went free for one day is CloudArt which produces a word cloud. It can be used to scour a web site as it did on my blog to produce this:

2013-11-29 22.59.33

It didn't work on my YouTube pages as it picked up a whole raft of words which had nothing to do with my videos. The app has the facility to type in words so I typed in most of the titles for my videos. Haven't tried it yet but am pretty sure copy and paste could be used to move word lists or chunks of text between apps which support the copy facility.

2013-11-29 23.54.42

The ap has a few choices for the layout, lots of choices for fonts and several fixed colour schemes along with one which can be personalised. Words can be deleted from the produced cloud or their size adjusted. I left the sizes as produced by the program.

How do I know when various apps are free? I use RSS feeds from App Saga and iPad Insight. Also I use the site. There searches can be made, interesting apps marked so that an email is sent to me when their price changes.


  1. You're up late! ;) This ap reminds me of Wordle which has been around for some years, but all the words had to be typed in from what I remember. Interesting to see what comes up when scouring your website - do you know if the larger sized words indicate the frequency of use on your website?

    1. Glo: Penny had injured herself so I was keeping an eye on her. Fortunately all is healing rapidly.

      Yes. The size of print is related to the frequency of the word.

  2. This is very effective. I've seen similar pictured of human faces made of various sized letters.

    1. Adrian. The pictures made with letters can be very effective.


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