Friday, 1 November 2013

Friday at the Flicks - A Mouse and a Hedgehog

The mouse which lives under the Summerhouse makes many visits day and night to the Hedgehog House. As we approach Winter the Hedgehog visits are less frequent. Some nights with no activity so there are usually plenty of crushed unsalted peanut pieces left in the House.

In the first part of the video the mouse is eating when it obviously hears something, stops, listens, wiggles its ears a bit and sniffs the air before making a rapid dash for home.

Much later a Hedgehog makes a visit to get its share of the food:

Missed Photo Opportunity.

Out walkies about 7 a.m. this morning. As we approached one bungalow which backs on to a field I spotted what at first I thought was a dull brown cat with a bushy tail in the front garden. When it moved I could see was it was a fox. The first time I have seen one in the village for years. Unfortunately it spotted us and beat a hasty retreat. At the same time a couple of Wood Pigeons flew up from the garden so I guess the fox was looking for breakfast. As it moved Penny saw it and was straining at the leash to give chase. Once we drew level with the garden she stopped and spent ages just sniffing the air, probably working out what it was. I have no idea whether she had seen a fox before but as far as she was concerned it was smaller than her, furry and ideal for a bit of hunting activity.


  1. A great pity you missed the fox.
    I always enjoy your Friday film. Is the outside camera still on the blink?

    1. Adrian. It was. I've never managed to photo a fox. The outside camera is still in b/w at night. I stopped recording it as rain and wind gusts trigger the recording and I end up with hours of nothing to scan through!

  2. oh, that mouse is adorable with its big ears! really cool you got to see a fox!

    1. It is a thrill to see a fox TWG. They don't hang around much when there are people about.


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