Monday, 4 November 2013

Macro on Monday - Guess What

gold star An excellent set of guesses for last week's mystery photo with eight out of eight correct so congratulations and the virtual Gold Star to Adrian, TexWisGirl, Sue Garrett, Wilma, ImaBurdie, Glo and Ragged Robin who identified the fat ball and to Bonnie for thinking it was a suet cake, which it could well have been.

DSCN1930xx    DSCN1929

Nearly didn't get a new one for this week. Firstly I just couldn't find anything until the last minute (nothing new there) and then the 50D threw a wobbly. Switching it on it came up 'can't make a folder' and then refused to start up! Long search on the net for possible causes. Turned out to be a fault with the memory card so I re-formatted that but the camera had to be left powered down for quite a while before it would start up again. All appears to be working OK now, but without Magic Lantern.

Anyway This is the challenge for this week.
Guess What:
In case you need it -
Clue: featherless but could be connected with an eagle and an albatross.

No prizes, just for fun.
Answer, along with any guesses left in the comments will be revealed next Monday.


  1. the clue didn't help me at all this week, but based on the dimpled pattern of the object, i've got to go with a golf ball.

  2. That would be a golf ball :)


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