Monday, 18 November 2013

Macro on Monday - Guess What

gold starIt was a bit difficult to guess exactly what last week's mystery photo was though the clue 'bottoms up' was meant to indicate it was a drink. Anyway the virtual star goes to Adrian (who was exactly correct in saying it was a glass of white wine), Sue Garrett, Glo and Ragged Robin who mention it was a glass of liquid. Good try from Texwisgirl as a rain gauge could look like that:

DSCN1936xx DSCN1937c

It took me ages to find the photos I intended to choose from for this week's mystery photo. Found them in the end so here is a crop from one.
Guess What:

Clue: Can't catch this with a bent pin and worm.

Just for fun. No prizes. The correct answer and any guesses left in the comments will be revealed next Monday.

New Toy:

Ever since I tried Magic Lantern on the Canon 50D to get video capability I've hankered after a Canon which has it built in, along with sound which the 50D doesn't have. Then I read reviews of the new 70D and they were very enthusiastic so I have been waiting to see some reasonable prices for a body only version.

I ordered one yesterday from Amazon and it duly arrived this morning. Spent a while browsing the 100+ pages of the user manual while I waited for the battery to charge. Of course by then it had turned dull and started to rain but I did manage a quick trial of the video. The first part of the video is with the 100-400mm zoom lens at 400mm. The rest is the same but with an extra 3x digital zoom added in the camera. It did a lot better than I expected with the digital zoom and the poor lighting conditions:

The original .mov files totalled 760MB in the camera so I processed the video as an mp4 level 5 which brought things down to a manageable 77MB for uploading. No other tweaking was done.


  1. The video is just great quality. I'd be very pleased with it.
    I think the fish is a kipper. Now you have set me fancying kippers.

  2. congrats on the new camera! wow! it did great!

    as for your 'guess what', i really don't know! it looks like fish scales but seems to have hair spikes, too!

  3. Some sort of fish as the bit one the bottom looks like a fin. No idea what sort though!


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