Monday, 25 November 2013

Macro on Monday - Guess What

gold star Only one contributor solved the mystery photo perfectly correctly so Wilma received the virtual gold star for identifying it as a fossil fish. Well done to Adrian, TexWisGirl and Sue Garrett who recognised it as a fish.



On to what will probably be the last Guess What photo until the new Year as it is getting harder to find suitable things to photograph at the moment. This one was taken today.

Guess What:

Clue: Nuts

No prizes. Just for fun.
The correct answer, along with any guesses left in the comments, will be revealed next Monday.


  1. well, it looks like some sort of pine cone, but not sure what grows there in the UK.

    that is VERY cool that it was a fossil fish!!!

  2. That is a lovely fossil fish, John; a natural work of art.
    No idea (yet, anyway) on your latest mystery!


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