Thursday, 7 November 2013

Twist in Action

A quick video this morning showing how the iPhone app Twist produces its results. Looking straight down on top of a rotating pitcher plant. First with a decreasing circle slit and then a linear slit. The iPhone was clamped on a tripod. It's the hand held Nikon which is wobbling about!

2013-11-07 08.32.01    2013-11-07 08.32.33

Among other effects there is one where several random shapes expand while slicing the photo giving a more surreal effect:

2013-11-07 08.29.07


  1. i think i'm a little nauseous now.

  2. This is excellent. Quick and effective.

    1. Tried it on traffic today Adrian. Hand held so it's a bit wobbly but otherwise the results were as expected with squashed up vehicles.

    2. I'll have to have a go. Did you pan or just let the vehicles drive through the frame?

    3. Adrian: As I was using the Twist app on the iPhone I kept it still and let the traffic drive through. It gets foreshortened when the strip and vehicle are in opposite directions and lengthened when both are moving in the same direction.

      Link to a grotty attempt!

    4. I don't have all this High Tec. I just have a phone. I sussed you just let stuff roll by but wanted to check. I am a scatter brain. I'm looking for a backdrop for a Christmas movie in Blender. Blender calls it World this week or maybe Globe. I just thought a bit of video running in the Globe of match stalk men and match stalk buses would fit the script whot I have wrote. Twenty seconds of video will take two days to render out. If I introduce fluids or physics like shattering then the bake time for them necessitates a trip to the pub. It's all good fun.


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