Monday, 17 March 2014


I was having a close look at the pond to see whether there was any more frog spawn when I heard loud splashing near me. I looked round and there, not much more than a couple of metres away, was a female Blackbird bathing in the pond waterfall:


We looked at each other for a short while and then I slowly took the Nikon out of my shirt pocket, gently pointed it in the general direction of the bird and manage to get a shot.


Most birds would not have come down to the pond with me standing so close but she was determined it was bath time and once I stopped looking at her she carried on bathing.


  1. Excellent, I sometimes think that the amount spent on food for them warrants their repaying the favour by posing a bit.

  2. how cute! she's a plucky one!

    1. TWG: I wonder if it's the same one which used to follow me about at feeding time early last year.


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