Saturday, 8 March 2014

Sun and Spots

Friday started out very overcast with the odd shower. By the afternoon things turned out more cheerful with blue sky, white clouds and plenty of Sunshine. Only a stiff, cool breeze to spoil it a bit. I managed to find a spot where I could set up the tripod and camera out of the wind with the intention of shooting a bit of video of any Sun spots. As it happened there was more cloud than I thought which was moving rapidly across the Sun as can be seen in the middle section of this short video:

Easier to photograph were some spotty creatures I spotted around the garden.
Seven spot Ladybirds enjoying the warmth of the Sun in sheltered locations:

7 spot ladybird DSCN2444

7 spot ladybird DSCN2459

7 spot ladybird IMG_7681

The first two were taken with the Nikon S9050 and the final one with the Canon 50D, 70-100mm zoom with added macro lens.


  1. I think the clouds add and don't detract at all.

    Good to see the Ladybirds. Things must be warming up down there.

    1. Yes Adrian. Without the cloud I wouldn't have bothered to upload it.

  2. The sun video is so neat. When the clouds move across it, it almost seems to my eyes that the sun is moving in a circle.

    1. Bonnie: It's something we can't normally see.

  3. sweet little ladybugs (that's what we call 'em in the states). :) the sun looked like a big ol' egg yolk. :)

  4. I'm with Adrian on the clouds.


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