Sunday, 22 June 2014

Cloudy Weather

When I let Penny out at 5.30 a.m. this morning I noticed what appeared to be undulating clouds. Can't be sure whether it was regular variations in cloud thickness or whether they were actually undulating. If the latter then it is the first time I have noticed this particular effect:



As many will know I am always on the look out for interesting iPad apps which are available free for a while. One such recently was Living Planet. (still on promotion for free at the time of writing) An app which makes tiny planet type pictures from ordinary single photos. I have seen one or two which can do this. The added extra in this app is the ability to make tiny planet movie clips from ordinary video files. In fact it gives the choice of two methods, tiny planet and wormhole. Also included are many filters to alter the overall look of the finished result.

Two test videos showing the original 15 second clip and the resulting output.
A colour time lapse of clouds:

A b/w IR time lapse of clouds:

Processing video takes quite a while on my iPad 2. No doubt newer iPads with faster processing would reduce the time taken.

Another very useful app I just have started using is PhotoSync which can transfer items to and from the iPad Camera Roll using WiFi. Along with the app there are programs for Mac and PC.


  1. These are brilliant. I love making planets but get totally undeserved dogs abuse when I post them.
    This is brilliant and all the better for being free. I could do them in Ultra Fractal but I don't have the posh version as it is a hundred pounds away from free. These would be good as transitions in time lapse videos.

    1. I will admit I was impressed with the results Adrian. Like all Tiny Planet photos it depends on the composition of the original. There is an output quality limit in the program of 640x640 for video and 2Kx2K for stills. Even at the full price of about 69p it doesn't break the bank!

    2. I guess I could work one in as an extra video layer. I could but I don't have an I-Pad.


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