Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Going Nowhere Fast

As we trolled over to the village medical centre to stock up with another month's supply of medicinal sweeties I noticed how well the model Jet Provost, which is part of the Village sign, was standing out in the mid afternoon Sunshine:


Me being me, I couldn't leave it as just a straight forward photo.
Oh no, time to try out the 'Circular+' iPad app which not only creates Tiny Planet type pictures but also has the capability to crop, rotate, zoom and make kaleidoscope type effects.
Here with just two sections:


Also various layered effects can be added like birds and Sun effects plus the world globe at the centre of this four way version:


Very fast and easy to use even on my li'l old iPad2.

Anyway back to the village sign unsullied by my 'artistic' bent:



  1. John, did you eat them all at once? I love this lunacy and will be down Drektly to share in your sweeties. Alright if I bring a spliff or two?

    1. I'm all for trying new experiences Adrian ;)

  2. that's pretty fun. your first edit looks like something you'd see on kids' cartoons.


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