Wednesday, 11 June 2014

ISO 12800 Experiment

One dull afternoon when the Birdy Bistro was in total shade I decided to take a couple of photos at ISO 12800 with the Canon 70D to see what the results would be like. That gave me a chance to get a reasonable hand held speed:

ISO 12800  400mm  f8  1/500 sec

ISO 12800  400mm  f7.1  1/500 sec

Much better than I expected. There is grain in the background but not nearly as much as I thought there would be. There is a drop in contrast ratio which is to be expected in such dull conditions but I gave the photos a small amount of cropping, a sharpness boost and a boost in definition with iPhoto. No attempt was made to reduce the grain.


  1. Impressive. I've never had much joy with noise reduction. I find it better to over expose a stop or two as most luminence noise shows in the dark bits.

    1. Adrian: I find attempts to reduce noise just lake things less sharp all over.

  2. they look pretty great to me!

  3. That is quite impressive. A great camera, for sure. The photographer is not too bad either. ;-)


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