Sunday, 15 June 2014

Sun Day

With clear skies last Thursday it was a good opportunity to take a new photo of the Sun:

Sun 20140612
Canon 70D  400mm with Orion Safety Film Solar Filter   f5.6  1/160 sec cropped

About ten Sun Spots were observable. We are now near or just past the peak of the Sun's eleven year cycle of activity.

Do remember never to look directly, or point a camera, at the Sun without the correctly designed apparatus. The special solar filter I use on the 70D can be seen in my post 'There is a Sun Up There'.


  1. This looks pretty sharp....It's good to see the sun.
    How do you see to focus or do you just have to guess?

  2. Adrian: I found that auto focus works just fine as there is good contrast between the edge of the Sun and the black sky.

  3. Replies
    1. TWG. It always amazes me I can take a photo through what looks like a thin piece of metal film.


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