Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A Lucky Escape

Just happened to look in the greenhouse and spotted movement in one of the plant saucers. An inquisitive black ground beetle had fallen in the water and was swimming round trying to find a way out.



With the slippery vertical plastic there was no way it could escape without a bit of help so I scooped it up so it could reach the top:



It stayed there quite a while to dry off and partly opened its wing covers to let some warm air in:


All the above cropped photos were taken with the Nikon Coolpix S9050.

As it looked as though it would stay in one place for a bit longer I grabbed the Canon 50D fitted with a Raynox macro lens and took a few hand held shots which were focus stacked with Zerene Stacker:

Beetle 2014-07-15-09

I don't know how long it stayed there but by the time I checked again it had disappeared.


  1. A good set. I've never tried to stack hand held shots. It's ages since I used Zerene. Today could be the day. It looks a bit wet out.

    1. Adrian. It takes me several set of shots to get anything worth trying. This time I was able to support the front of the lens which helped.

  2. had to rest up after his near-death experience!

    1. TWG: Yes. It took quite a while to recover from its unscheduled bath.


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