Monday, 14 July 2014

Arachnids Inside and Out

In the conservatory a House Spider, Tagenaria duelica which feeds on small insects caught in its web:

House Spider 01

House Spider 02

On the back door of the garage a Common Harvestman, Phalangium opilio,. Sometimes called a daddy long legs. These will eat almost anything though they are mainly carnivores. They do not produce silk, spin webs or produce venom though they do have impressive fangs for their tiny body size. As with some other spider species the male has to hurry away after mating as the female is liable to eat him.

Harvestman Spider 01

Harvestman Spider 02


  1. Again good captures. Are Harvestmen arachnids? They probably are but I thought they were something else.

    1. Adrian: As far as I can find out - arachnid, yes - spider not really!

    2. Thanks John, I just start to think I've got this wildlife job sorted and yet another conundrum floats to the surface.

  2. i think they're very cool creatures. glad i'm not arachnaphobic or i'd have a hard time living here.


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