Friday, 11 July 2014

Friday at the Flicks - Female Great Spotted Woodpecker + Juvenile Blue Tit

I keep saying it is pot luck if I see a Great Spotted Woodpecker in the garden. This occasion proved it. I had been photographing outdoors and was setting the 70D on its tripod in the kitchen. Just as I had focussed it on a peanut feeder Mrs GSW arrived. One quick photo and then switched to video:

I had often thought she was just collecting bits of peanut rather than eating them and that can be seen clearly in the video. As soon as she had a full beak off she flew. She may be eating elsewhere or more probably taking the food for a brood somewhere nearby. Total visiting time just one minute.

Just back from our afternoon perambulation when I spotted a Juvenile Blue Tit at another peanut feeder. Luckily it stayed long enough for a few shots before a House Sparrow chased it off. Fortunately it came back a short while later when I had things set up for a bit of video;

You can tell it's a juvenile by the way its cap hasn't turned blue yet.
Interesting to see the size difference when a Great Tit makes a brief visit.


  1. This was fortunate. Good to see the woodpeckers are still around. The video was about ten minutes late for my breakfast but not to worry.

    1. Adrian. I was up later than usual. My hairy alarm slept through.

  2. sweet little one in the 2nd. the woodpecker uses her beak to full advantage. :)

    1. TWG. I think all the youngsters look so sweet as they learn to cope with the big bad world around them.


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