Saturday, 9 August 2014

A Touch of Country Life

Always nice to see this group of ladies exercising their horses through the village:


Been making the most of the brighter light today. A couple of hefty showers yesterday dumped an inch of rain on us. Could have been worse as Louth, the nearby market town in a valley, had a couple of inches in an hour with the inevitable results. I've experienced being in the shopping area at the bottom of the valley when the heavens open and rain rushed down every steep road, lane and path down to the bottom. Instant paddling pool.

Tomorrow could be wet and windy when the remains of Hurricane / Atlantic Storm Bertha reach us.

I decided to start an additional blog devoted to the Raspberry Pi so I don't clutter up the more nature like happenings on here as I record any disasters or occasional successes with my experiments. Of course I have called it MIDMARSH Pi!


  1. glad they wear helmets in that traffic!

    1. TWG. Can't remember whether it's the law re helmets but, sensibly, I don't think I've seen a rider without one for many years now. The great majority of drivers are good at slowing right down and giving plenty of space but there is always the chance of one selfish, impatient idiot.

  2. will follow your pi! otherwise, how will I keep up with all the technical things you get up to? :-)

  3. John, I don't think it's law for horse riders. It doesn't affect me as I no longer get on the things. I do like their company though.
    I'll pop over to John's Pie.


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