Friday, 29 August 2014

Friday at the Flicks - Hyperlapsing Through Life

A couple more speeded up videos using the excellent Hyperlapse iOS app.

First, dog walking through the village churchyard at 4x speed with pauses while Penny investigated:

For the next one I fitted the iPod Touch to the car windscreen for my lunch journey to the Wagon and Horses, North Reston. This will be about 4x speed. Unfortunately while I was meeting a friend there I must have accidentally touched the screen making it save at 6x speed. That was too fast so I slowed it down and added the title in iMovie:

You can see from the jiggling of the windscreen wipers at the bottom of the screen how much the iPod was shaking but somehow the rest of the view has been very well smoothed out by the app. The faint grey blobs near the wipers are reflections of the dashboard air vents.  I must remember to clean the windscreen next time.


  1. i really like the fact that i don't get motion sickness when i watch these. great app.

    love the old cemetery, too!

    1. TWG. Pleased you didn't get motion sickness, especially as the route is so twisty.

  2. It is incredible.
    Have you thought of getting a Go-Pro for penny? I can do this but not well enough. I cut every frame but the fourth. I didn't know windows had released this yet.
    I have been a bit pissed off but after two days of the piss I'm back.
    The folk that were filming last weekend had finished and came back. They are great. Did you know that the clapper board is just for a sharp noise to sync sound? All I have to do is clap and I can sync to that. If I start again clap again. Brilliant.

    1. Adrian: Funny you should mention the Go-Pro - not that I'm thinking of getting one but I have just watched this week's Click on the BBC News Channel and a dog harness for the Go-Pro was shown. I must find some more details about it to see whether it is adaptable. I have a feeling Penny's chest may be too deep for it to fit her.

      The Hyperlapse app isn't Microsoft. It's Instagram (owned by Facebook?). That was also shown on Click. Apparently the app not only uses the camera gyroscope information but also drops frames which have more variation automatically as it saves the speeded up video.

      I get those periods occasionally where it's me against the rest of the world. Fortunately they pass.

      I guessed the clapper board gave such a short sharp sound for that sort of purpose. Now I'll know what you mean when you say your are clapped out ;)


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