Saturday, 16 August 2014

Sparrow Family Mealtime

There have been several broods of House Sparrows here. This seems to be the latest with just one youngster.

Junior sat on top of the the Green Man's head. Maybe the spiky hair reminded it of the nest. Mum spent some time hunting around for any insects. House Sparrows are very agile. They can hover for short periods and easily cling to rough vertical surfaces:

Sparrow Family 01

Sparrow Family 02

Most of the time mum watched while dad fetched bits from a nearby peanut feeder:

Sparrow Family 04

Sparrow Family 03


  1. Aaah, just lovely John! I also have Sparrows clinging to all sorts under my patio roof at the moment, investigating for new nesting spots.

  2. What a grand series of shots. Parent Sparrows here are ignoring the juveniles begging.

  3. Nice series and the Green Man's head is a perfect place.


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