Saturday, 4 October 2014

Clean Birds


Yesterday I decided to resurrect my old home constructed PIR camera switch which I used to use on the pond waterfall to detect any birds bathing there. It had partly fallen apart where the sticky fixers holding things in place had dried out. Once put back together and checked to be working I set it up near the bird bath:

DSCN3550     DSCN3548

It consists of a room PIR module (white) which operates a relay (blue) which in turn activates a wireless camera shutter switch (black with aerial). This is received by the wireless receiver dangling from the 70D which was set up in the kitchen:


Once I had the PIR in a reasonable position the camera was fired most times when a bird visited the bird bath. About 130 photos were taken during the day.  Most numerous visitors were the Starlings which always take full advantage of any available bathing water:

Starling IMG_1808

Starling IMG_1801

Starling IMG_1809

Starling IMG_1820

Starling IMG_1818

Starling IMG_1863

Everything and everybody who gets too close has a free shower.
Definitely a case of splash it all over.
Recording video cannot be started automatically, not with my setup anyway. I was fortunate to be close to the camera when the Starlings decided it was bath time:


  1. The starlings always put on a good show.

    1. Adrian: Always good entertainment even if expensive on the amount of food they can eat.

  2. Excellent results John. The master technician at work again.

    1. Thank you Frank. Better than I expected through double glazing. Good job the window cleaner came a few days ago.

  3. surprising that there is any water left in the birdbath! Nice setup.

    1. Thank you Wilma - I did have to top up the bird bath once!

  4. i just love when birds bathe. so overzealous. :)

    1. Yes TWG. They even wash behind their ears without being told.


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