Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Gulls Galore

I often see large flocks of gulls, usually travelling from one field to another. A couple of days ago there were more than fifty all soaring round above the same part of the village. Often swooping down just like enormous Swallows. I would guess they were hunting insects and spent a good half hour cruising the same area before moving on. Given the number of gulls and the length of time they were around there must have been a lot of insects though they were too high up to make any out.

I grabbed the 70D with the 300mm zoom half expecting the gulls would have gone by the time I was ready to shoot - which is what usually happens - but this time I was able to get some aerial shots, at times nearly falling over backwards as I tracked them directly overhead.




I assume from their markings they were all Black-headed Gulls in their Winter plumage.


  1. Great shots and I liked the slide show or whatever it is.

    1. Thank you Adrian. The photos were transferred to the iPad and put together in the Video Album app which is a movie collage type program.

  2. just gorgeous - and great blue sky to highlight them.

    1. TWG. It is nice to have some blue sky from time to time.


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