Thursday, 2 October 2014

Hard At It - On The Land

On our mid-day walkies down to the cricket field I could hear some almighty clanking so I guessed there was work being done on the adjacent fields. So, we went to have a look:

On one field the work was close enough for some good shots and a bit of video:


Work on the other field was at the far end so I am not sure whether they were sowing or fertilising:


The disc harrow at work:

You could almost think the Nikon was tripod mounted but in fact it was hand held and the original video was very wobbly. The stabilisation process in iMovie on the Mac can work really well at times, as it did for that video.

I think I have mentioned before that I am always on the look out for Apple apps which have gone free for a short while. One good place is the site. There, new price reductions can be listed for iOS and Mac apps. Also, if you sign up to the site and you spot or hear about an app which is a bit more than you want to pay you can search for and mark it on site as 'want it' and as soon as its price changes the site will email you. That is the only type of communication you get from there - no spam.

Yesterday I noticed a Mac app called 'Dramatic Black & White' had reduced from £3.99 to free for a short while. I checked it out and read the reviews on the Apple Mac App Store and decided to download it.

These are a couple of quick trial photos I converted to B/W with the app:



There are good facilities in the app for adjusting what they call 'spotlight' and introduce grain to simulate a b/w film along with adjustments to contrast, tint, etc..


  1. That disc harrow is impressive so is the tractor.

    The contrast on the B&W is a bit high for my taste but I like the vignette.

    1. Adrian: Farm machinery gets bigger each year.

  2. Replies
    1. TWG: There's a lot of big stuff around on farms these days.


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