Saturday, 25 October 2014

Napoleonic Wars 1810

Years ago I used to visit the occasional historical re-enactment. One such visit was to Lincoln Castle, parts of which date back to the Roman Occupation. This time the re-enactment was of a battle which took place in Central Spain when it was occupied by French troops. It was a very lively event and, believe me, even when muskets are firing blank rounds they are still loud!  I happened to be shopping in Lincoln that day and the sound of musket fire was what caught my attention. These photographs were taken with a Ricoh XRX SLR and are scans from the remaining enprints I have. It was also an excuse to try out PhotoScape some more:

Scan 6      Scan 4

napol02      drummerb

Scan 5


Scan 2    

Scan 3


  1. These are just great. I love the fifth one with the chap and his cigarette. They obviously were lacking a continuity girl. Person I suppose it ought to be these days.

    1. Didn't notice the one having a drag Adrian!

  2. Very interesting images and effects John. The riflemen in action looks very convincing.

  3. the folks who do these re-enactments put so much effort into them and the details of their wardrobes, etc. amazing.

    1. They do TWG. Not only with the clothes. Many times they will only talk about or understand things which happened or were available in the period they are enacting.


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