Friday, 24 October 2014


PhotoScape collage

I tried out a few free programs / apps while trying to create an animated GIF header with the above nine pictures. The simplest for Mac is PicGIF Lite. Add the stills which will make the animation, set the output size by choosing from preset sizes or make your own custom size, chose forward or reverse, choose number of frames per second then save the GIF. Included are some picture processing facilities. The only problem for me was not having the choice of no repetitions as I wanted the animation to run once only.

That brings me to my discovery of the program / app PhotoScape  which is free and available for Mac and Windows. Not only can it make animated GIFs from a series of pictures but gives individual control of the timing of each frame and can make non repeating GIFs.

PhotoScape is not just a GIF maker but also has photo viewing and editing facilities,


includes collage making (one example is the top collage)


and can batch process photos.

A few trial efforts made last night:

 collage 1



Pencil Flower 2

The main facility missing is the lack of layers, otherwise there are a vast range of effects to play with. There are many more facilities in PhotoScape including text and speech bubbles, red eye removal, etc..


  1. It is a damn sight easier than Photoshop that's for sure.
    I like the header but will it let you duplicate or quadruple frames and fade between or long fade in like you can on a Timeline.
    It's still very effective. I like GIF headers.

    1. PS, forgot to mention the dinghys. They are very effective.

    2. Adrian. I am all for KISS type programs. I don't have the patience to spend ages battling with complicated routines to produce an effect.
      I keep meaning to re-visit Covenham Reservoir when the sailing clubs are active. Always good for a few spills, especially with the sail boards or whatever they are called. Too late for this year now.

    3. As for duplication - it just means adding the same photo repeatedly. There is a fade but it fades the whole thing in each frame, and rather rapidly. I guess the best way would be to convert to video, fade then convert back to GIF.

    4. John, yes I convert all animations to video now. It took me lord knows how many hours to do my header and it still isn't perfect.
      The trouble is that having spent ages working out how to do it I then forget how I did it. I love playing and have the time.
      I would love to be able to do a quick render in Photoshop. You can in After effects but I don't have that. I must admit to getting in a terrible muddle with non linear editors but they are very flexible. Far too many choices sometimes.

  2. Wowsers! I am going to have to check PhotoScape out. I don't know how you keep track of all of your apps and software ;) Always fun to experiment and see the results :) Thanks for sharing the app and photos.

    1. It's worth a look Glo. A bit unconventional in its layout and working but seems to what it does very well. I try to keep the apps in groups s0 I can find what I want reasonably easily.

  3. Glo: It's worth checking out. PhotoScape for PC, PhotoScope X for Mac. Lots of interesting borders for pictures and many layouts for collages.


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