Monday, 13 October 2014

The Only One


I used to see quite a few Comma butterflies but this year I have only spotted this one when it stopped for a while in the garden a few days ago:


I am sure the reduction in numbers is connected with the cutting down of nettles around the edge of the cricket field for the past few years. These are the usual feeding plant for the larva. I fail to see why the nettles are cut down after the cricket season has finished when they could be left through the Winter.

Once again the damp, cooler weather has seen a local outbreak of the dreaded finch disease. So far I have seen two Greenfinches and a Goldfinch succumb to it. That means I have had to reduce the number of feeders and the amount of food I put out. That is a pity as there had been upwards of a dozen Goldfinches visiting each day but now there is just the odd one.


  1. I have only seen one Comma this year.
    It's a pity for the finches I thought last year they had made a good comeback.

    1. It is Adrian. The Goldfinches here have had a really good breeding season.

  2. very pretty. i've not seen many commas or question marks here this year, either.

    1. Thay are, TWG, with their shaped wings.

  3. NIce image, John. Great you've seen (even if its only one) the comma. Golden Hop in gardens is another feeding plant.

    We've seen the comma this year, spotted stats saying that it is moving Northwards when the weather is favourable and we had a good summer so maybe that's where yours have been - on holiday in Scotland :-)


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