Friday, 5 December 2014

Friday at the Flicks - A £2 Heart Scan


A couple of days ago I had to visit.....



.... Louth General Hospital as an out patient for an ultrasound scan of my heart to check on a suspected heart murmur. Results will take a week or so to come through as this was done by a private company outsourced by the local health authority.

The video is of my journey home.  (Normal speed, 11.5 mins)

I have often said that I can see the spire of St. James' Church sticking up well above the town which is mainly built in the bottom of a steep valley.  As I leave the hospital entrance you can see how much of Louth lies well below me. The journey then travels down to the bottom of the valley until I reach the traffic lights next to St. James' parish church. The road I am on was once the main London Road and carried all the heavy traffic through those narrow streets. Fortunately there is now a by-pass so things are much easier. Once through the lights the road soon starts climbing again.

Leaving Louth I am in open countryside. I did notice a great number of Wood Pigeons on one of the overhead power lines. Looking at a still from the video it looks as though there were over two hundred congregating there. Turning left on to the B1200 at a roundabout there is one more low but steep hill before reaching the flat coastal part of Lincolnshire and the last stretch home. The video ends at temporary traffic lights at the village cross roads where it is taking twenty days of disruption to replace the old traffic lights which are said to have reached the end of their useful working life. The building upper left covered in solar panels is a new extension to the village primary school.

Where does the £2 come in? That was the cost of a parking ticket to use the hospital car park.
That is what can be seen reflected in the windscreen until I noticed and removed it.


  1. I hope the results are negative or positive or which ever way they should be. £2.00p is cheap for a hospital car park.

  2. All the best with your health, John. We have a minimum charge of £2.10 at the biggest hospital in our area but we are very lucky in that most others are free. Always fun to see a road trip video. Out of interest - how do you hold your camera securely in place? Is it mounted on something?

    1. Shirley. They charge £1 for 1hr and £2 for all day so it is quite good compared with others.

      The iPod Touch is mounted on the windscreen with a device made for that purpose:

      It doesn't get in the way of my view of the road. The free app (Hyerlapse) works in iPod and iPhone.

  3. Hope you get some positive results John.

  4. i hope the test results are good.

  5. I hope your heart tests turn out well for you! Thank you for another very interesting scenic drive. The country-side is beautiful and the closely packed houses etc close to the hospital very interesting. It is interesting to compare that part with the very early buildings in Sydney. Those early settlers out here were obviously trying to make their new places as close to "home" as possible.


Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Any comment, or correction to any information or identification I get wrong, is most welcome. John

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