Saturday, 20 December 2014

New Nest Box

I spotted a Wildlife World camera nest box in one of Amazon's lightning deals sales and decided to order one.

It is quite versatile.
Set up as a Robin or Wren box:


As a Blue Tit box:


As can be seen the camera has plenty of cable attached.
The camera is in its own housing inside the hinged top:


Also the camera box can be removed to be used separately:


It could be used as a sheltered camera to watch feeders, etc..

The camera comes with two lenses, standard and wide angle.
At the moment I have the standard lens on which I focussed to what should be the height of a nest. Camera is colour if there is enough light and b/w with IR lighting in poor light.
The camera includes a microphone which I haven't connected yet.

The result can be seen top left in this screen grab:

Snapshot 141219_0002

My old camera box is top right.

For now I have fixed the box, set up for Blue Tits, on the back of the Summer house facing large bushes for shelter and well out of direct sunlight except for maybe an hour each day.  Now it is a waiting game to see whether it gets investigated.


  1. Roll on spring. It looks a good image.

  2. Yes - it will be fun to see what you get with this new setup.

  3. What a great find on special offer :) You have thoughtfully set it up in a good location, by the sounds of it, so it will indeed be interesting to see what transpires over time. Maybe some little bird will find it handy for a harbour for the cold wet winter months, before nesting becomes a priority ;) Merry Christmas to you John!

  4. I just love the set up...waiting to see what you capture next.Have a great day!



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