Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Photo Movie + DVD Slideshow Pro

Another Mac app which is, at the time of writing, free to download.

Photo Movie + DVD Slideshow Pro

This is at version 3.1.6 though there are some aspects which need sorting out yet to make it user friendly. At the moment the only media it automatically lists are from iPhoto though any photos or videos can be dragged and dropped by the usual method. Also imported video files play the sound track and there is no way to alter or mute this. I emailed the author about these and he emailed back that they would be included in the next update.

Photos can be grouped and shown in many different ways. Single photos can be zoomed or panned if you set up the start and end zooms to the same size and put them different sides of the photo. Commentary, text / titles and music can be added. The result can be for DVD or a file for uploading.

This is just a first test to try out a few facilities. One other thing missing is the ability to fade out the final picture though it is possible to fade the sound.

Not convinced it is worth the normal asking price of £20.99 yet though a lot of work has obviously been done developing the app and it does have some nice facilities. The various transitions can look jerky within the program even with a fast processor but once saved they look very smooth. Saving is not particularly fast.


  1. I would say that is well worth twenty pounds. It is impressive, slick and would take hours to create in a big editor. If you have a GPU and can set it as default for this software it should give an almost real time editing experience.

  2. PS. You could always load the movie into another editor and fade out in that.


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