Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Tuesday Twister - Answer

Last week's Tuesday Twister had everyone guessing but it turned out to be difficult. The nearest was Adrian who though it might have been some sort of hanging basket, and Wilma who thought it was a hanging decoration. It is supposed to be a planter, but one which can stand on a shelf or window ledge. It is a duck with a hollow back lined with plastic so a small plant pot can be stood in it, or filled with compost and bulbs planted. I just use it as an ornament:


DSCN3755     DSCN3759

That's all for this year folks. Many thanks for all who had a go guessing over the past year. Who knows what next year's puzzles will be but once I have thought of something they will be back some time in the new year.

Today I received the results of my heart scan and was, literally, given the thumbs up. Everything is working as it should do. So that was quite a relief.


  1. glad for good results. yup, i'd have never guessed a duck. :)

  2. Thanks for the puzzles this year.

    Glad all is well, that's a good Christmas present.

  3. Would never have guessed a duck! Thanks so much for posting the puzzles for us. Good news about your scan - have a lovely Christmas.

  4. Thank you all for your guesses over the year.


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