Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Tuesday Twister - Guess What



Congratulations and the virtual Midmarsh Gold Star go to TexWisGirl, Adrian, Wilma and Ragged Robin who all spotted the twisted dragonfly last Tuesday:

IMG_0819      IMG_0164

The site I was going to use to make this week's twisted picture wasn't working when I tried to access it so here is a tiny planet type twisted photo of an object.
Guess What:

Please leave any guesses in the comments which will be revealed, along with the answer, next Tuesday.
No prizes. Just for fun and maybe a Midmarsh virtual Gold or Silver Star.


  1. is it the roosting house you put up?

  2. a decoration hanging in your kitchen window.

  3. I'm really struggling with this one! First thought was a coconut but on reflection I am going to guess a roosting pouch? I think I am hopelessly wrong so look forward to seeing the answer!

  4. I will have a guess. I think it is a hanging basket for flowers.


Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Any comment, or correction to any information or identification I get wrong, is most welcome. John

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