Sunday, 24 May 2015

A Pretty Shock

I had decided to give the nursery pond a good clean out. Having moved one plant to the main pond I had just lifted the larger plant out and was removing the half log surround when I spotted something fly away. It didn't fly far enough for my liking and landed in the plant I wanted to move.

Can you spot it?


Maybe not yet as I stayed a good distance away for the first shot. Once I was reasonably certain it had settled and wasn't going to make any sudden movement I leaned a bit closer and zoomed in to take a few closer shots. This is the best one cropped:


An Angle Shades moth. ( Phlogophora meticulosa) Length about 1.5 inches and wingspan of  just over 2 inches. (35mm x 50mm). With my feelings towards larger moths, pretty as it was, I didn't stay close for very long. Not too bad when they are outdoors and still. As long as it doesn't decide to find its way indoors.

Crazy isn't it? A butterfly that size and I would be trying to creep as close as possible but with a moth I have this instant reaction of wanting to flee as fast and as far away as can be. If it was indoors I wouldn't be able to stay in the same room.


  1. I am lucky they don't bother me at all. It is a beauty but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You won't be investing in a moth trap then.

    1. Adrian: It seem so date back to an experience in childhood and is so frustrating as the raection is like a panic attack and instantaneous.

  2. Replies
    1. TWG: We have quite a few pretty moths. They don't get the exposure that butterflies do.

  3. A moth phobia; never realized that even existed. Good job getting the photo, given the circumstances!

    1. Wilma: I think it dates back to when I was about six. I had to stay with mother's mother for a while. She was a State Registered Nurse and a stickler for fresh air. At bed time the windows had to be open and she would leave a light on which attracted the moths in. I hated it but when I complained I was just told to pull the bed sheets over my head. I still prefer to sleep that way today. Amazing how childhood events leave such a strong impression for life.


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