Thursday, 28 May 2015

House Sparrow Feeds Youngster.

Plenty of broods visiting the garden this year but it has been noticeable that many only have one or two fledglings. This time it was the turn of a male House Sparrow. At one time the baby had settled on a garden cane. In their own way they are just as agile as Blue Tits.




Papa was gathering bits from a nearby feeder which contains a mixture of peanuts and large suet sticks. Some video tomorrow.


  1. Good to see, we are just getting the first of the fledglings now. Are these video stills?

  2. Adrian: No, just poor still shots.

  3. They are still feeding up in the nests around here, not seen any blue tit or sparrow fledglings, although I did have those long tailed tits pass through the other day. Been a cool spring lately, maybe we arew a bit late up here


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