Wednesday, 6 May 2015

More Feeder Visitors (X-Sports)

Bank Holiday Monday brought wall to wall Sunshine without being too hot, at least until the heavy rain arrived after tea time. So far this month we have had 40mm of rain.

I remembered I had another stand that could be used to hold the Toshiba X-Sports. Originally it was an iPad stand so I removed the iPad holder and clamped the X-Sports case. That gave a good clearance from the metal parts:



Another advantage of this stand is the ability to hold the camera across, above or below things when needed. Set up the iPod Touch in the Summerhouse, put my feet up and waited.


The birds couldn't see me from the feeders so it was an ideal place to enjoy a bit of fresh air and bird watching.

This is the first time I have tried the 'side by side' effect for combining movie clips in iMovie:

Blackbird and Starling
Greenfinch and Chaffinch


  1. I never cease to be amazed at the quality. This is effective as a presentation.

  2. Adrian: At 12M pixels, theoretically, it should be similar quality to the little Nikon. They do seem to have used a good quality lens which usually makes or breaks the overall sharpness.

    When shown individually the clips have a lot of space each side of the subject so I though I would try combining two at a time.

    1. John, I've not done any video for a while but I am a little envious of these apps. There is much to be said for non linear editors but they soak up memory and GPU like there is no limit. Even creating a barn door fade is a ten minute job; not that I can think of any reason to do one. To do this would mean making a transparent video layer then free transforming both clips on separate layers in Adobe then if I decide to vignette a bit then it's into Fusion or Blender then back to Adobe so that YouTube can recognise it and hopefully not crush it to oblivion. I have said it before but youTube like your input and don't mess with it.
      Do you use H265 or H264? I shoot video on the Canon 5D II which gives a full frame file. For time lapse I use a couple of old FD lenses where I can lock aperture. I think I am getting left behind but an HD video I helped edit and even contributed a couple of time lapse sequences looks great on the big HD TV screen.
      I hate node editing but all but apps are heading that way.

    2. PS, the lens is good but the plastic box is brilliant. A £2k underwater housing wasn't much better.

    3. Adrian: YouTube still nags about my videos. I just ignore it. The final app I use for compressing the video just calls it mp4. I use 1280*720, 30fps and cut the bit rate down to 5000 kb/s to keep the file size down. It seems plenty good enough for YT. I am not aiming at the large screen. I must try one on my TV and see how it looks.

    4. It's my bit rate. I haven't checked but it is in MB/s. Never thought of that. Thanks. I am a hopeless compressor of stuff.

  3. the side-by-side is rather neat.

    1. TWG: I did wonder whether it might be a bit nauseous watching two lots of action at the same time.


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