Saturday, 2 May 2015

The Persistent Robin

I set up the Toshiba X-Sports camera right next to the hanging bird table to try recoding some of the visitors. It wasn't a good day for WiFi reception. The picture on the iPod kept freezing. Part of the problem could be to do with the nature of high frequency transmissions and the way I had previously mounted the camera on the tripod. The metal upright was between the camera and the iPod which can cut down the signal strength.


I fiddled around for some time and eventually cobbled together several of the supplied mountings with a clamp I already had to come up with a mount which put the camera a short distance away from the metal pole.


This wasn't a complete cure so I'm not sure whether it is a bug in the iOS app as even when the monitored picture had frozen it would still record OK. Maybe the camera goes on some sort of standby though I hadn't notice that the other day.

Anyway here is one of the captures

There she was, a female Blackbird, trying to stuff as many sunflower hearts as she could get in her beak when along comes a Robin who is determined it is its turn on the hanging bird table:

I cut down the quality of the recording by setting the camera to 720P in case the reduced processing time would help with the WiFi problems, it didn't but did save space on the microSD card. The quality looks fine so I will probably stick with that setting.


  1. This is or seems much sharper than yesterdays video.

    1. Adrian: Possibly it just appears sharper as the subject was much closer than last time. Plus a quick clean of the lens and case. I forgot to mention that I had set the camera for 2x digital zoom so that doesn't seem to deteriorate the result.

  2. Very clear. That table sure does swing.

    1. Wilma: It took a while for birds to get used to it. Now even Collared Doves squeeze in it.


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