Sunday, 31 May 2015

Two Very Different Youngsters

As I was checking on some potted plants in the garden I spotted a movement right next to my foot - a young frog about half full size so maybe two or three years old:

Young Frog DSCN4557

Spotted on our afternoon walkabout - a very small Horse Chestnut tree in the grass verge near a full size one. Probably wont survive as that is cut frequently by council contractors. It's amazing it managed to get this big, probably a result of the shoddy job they do in cutting the grass these days:

Horse Chestnut DSCN4559

Borders were put on using Photoscape X. Last time I used the program, which was free from their web site, a notice popped up saying there was an update. Clicking on this led to the Apple Store where it could be downloaded for free. On installing it the first noticeable thing was many of the borders and other facilities were now only available in a Pro version for around £29. It no longer had access to many of the things which had been free. That I don't mind but did think it underhand there was no warning in the notice about the update. Fortunately I still had the original installation program so wound my version back to the old free one and left suitable comments on the App Store. That version is no longer available on their site. First time I have had to use the Mac Time Machine backup in earnest. Good job I update my backup every day.


  1. A grand little frog.
    The seedling or sapling could do with transplanting somewhere safer.
    This post was very late showing on both my dashboard and the blogs I read widget or app as they now call them.

  2. kind of a bait and switch method on their 'update' offer.

  3. Glad neither was another MOTH!


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