Friday, 11 November 2016

Friday at the Flicks - Grey Squirrel


It's a while since I spotted a Grey Squirrel at the feeders.
I don't think this is the same one which visited several times earlier in the year. That one had a very distinctive large bald spot half way along its tail. It is possible the fur re-grew if it has been changing its coat for the Winter. Not sure whether it has a cast over its left eye or whether that was just the way the IR lights were reflected:


  1. Very cute -but from what I have read about their mischievous and determined nature I am rather glad we don't have them out here - I'll just enjoy watching it at your place - thanks!

  2. Mick: Agreed, you definitely don't want them in Australia. They are not known as tree rats for nothing. Penny has the right idea. If she can catch one it doesn't escape alive.

  3. such munching varmints. mine have slacked off at the feeders and are concentrating on other seeds and acorns, i think.

    1. TWG: Only occasional visits here at the moment.


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