Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Sunrise Contrails - UFO?

First real frost of this Autumn, almost clear sky so the only things to show any colour at Sunrise this morning were the contrails of commercial aircraft:



Recently I have been watching a series of TV programmes about UFO sightings which reminded me of my only experience of something I couldn't explain. Many years ago while driving home along the back roads at night during a thunderstorm I saw an orange coloured ball some distance ahead hovering maybe 50 feet above the ground. It seemed to stay in the same place for a while and then quickly rose straight up and eventually vanished. I've always assumed it was some phenomenon connected with the electrical storm. Maybe an electrically charged ball of plasma. Reports of these being spotted have occasionally been mentioned. Who knows, but I can imagine some would have put it down to a sighting of an alien craft.


  1. Love those trails. I noticed a tremendous number the other morning (flights to and from Canada and the USA cross over us) - the rising sun just caught them.

  2. Stunning capture John, we had one last week and I never thought of photographing it!


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