Friday, 30 December 2016

My New Buddy

For a couple of weeks a female Blackbird has usually flown in to greet us when we returned from our mid afternoon walks. She usually lands on top of the fence a couple of feet away, watches and follows me knowing that I will be putting some food out for her.


She has gradually become bolder and will now feed a few feet away from me. For this bit of video I crouched down about three feet (1m) away. She watched me for a short while and then tucked in to some mini suet sticks:

I try to get a bit closer each day and hope she may end up taking food from my hand.



  1. Beautiful little bird and how great that it lets you get so close. Great photos and video as well.

  2. Magical when a bird puts so much trust in you isn't it John.

  3. Aaaaw, how gorgeous John! Hopefully you can lure her to feed from your hand, it's a wonderful experience!


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