Sunday, 18 December 2016

The Blackbird and the Robin

I'm always trying to find ways of making some of the bird food available only to smaller birds. I have this wire cage in which one is supposed to hang a feeder but in practice it is very inconvenient and quite a faff when the inner feeder needs topping up. I decided to just plonk it over a feeder tray and see what happened. Some of the larger birds can get their heads through but at least it slows them down. The smaller birds can hop inside and help themselves. I can get interesting, and amusing at times, when different sizes arrive together:


  1. Nice photograph John. We find that the robin becomes obsessed with meal worms.

  2. Have a look in Wilco, as they have some very good feeders with a protective cage around to stop larger birds. I use them and they are good and very reasonable.


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