Sunday, 4 December 2016

The Grey Acrobat

Earlier in the year I took down the pole which was holding the seed feeders and replaced it with a rope. The Grey Squirrel had been finding it too easy to get at the bird food and was eating a disproportionate amount. This way I hoped to slow it down somewhat. It took a few goes for the squirrel to work out the best way to approach the new set up but it soon became adept at balancing:




This morning I managed to grab a short piece of video before it disappeared:


  1. Great shots John and they don't miss a trick do they.

  2. Thats more or less how I am just walking along the pavement.

  3. Missed this, John, a great capture showing more strength perhaps than the red too. It's amazing to see it negotiate a rope like that :-)

    1. Shirley: Yes the greys are bigger and bulkier than the reds. Initially it fell off a couple of times but like a cat it always landed on its feet.


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