Tuesday, 21 February 2017

A New Bird Table

While my new next door neighbours were fetching their various garden furniture I spotted a bird table with a high roof, just ideal for holding a miniature video camera. I asked them where it came from, hoping I could buy one. To my amazement I was given theirs. It had been made for them but they already have several others. Once the weather warmed up a tad I gave it a couple of coats of wood preservative and erected it last weekend:


It was just in time. When I dismantled the old one it just fell into many rotten pieces. The birds are slowly getting used to the new one so I should have some photos of its visitors soon.

When I get fed up standing in the kitchen waiting for birds to arrive I can watch the video feed. The still camera in the kitchen is fitted with a wireless shutter control so when I see a bird arrive I can operate the camera remotely from the living room. That way I might catch the rarer or shy visitors which don't come if they can see activity through the kitchen window.


  1. nice neighbors! that is a great looking table.

    1. Wilma: They do seem to be. Even asked me whether I had any objections when they wanted to cut back some of their bushes next to the fence between us. Having survived Storm Doris it seems to be well built.

  2. My fat balls are now getting rapidly eroded, but I've never seen a culprit! Woodpigeons most likely.


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