Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Weird Wednesday

Weird Wednesday 3

Well done to Wilma who correctly said that last week's weird photo was of the Sun with Sunspots:

IMG_1889w    IMG_1889

This week's weird photo is easy to recognise.
A photo of a local cricket match processed as a 'tiny planet':



  1. John, I'm Glad I saw this. I couldn't do it. The App is brilliant. I love software and am now able to use nodes. Some algorithms also but by hell is there nothing we can't do on a laptop? My current project is to get an ECU on a diesel to think it's got Adblue when it hasn't. Although adblue is mostly water and piss the diesels know the difference. How does an engine know that. It took me long enough to pop Icons on a desk top so I guess the adblue malarky will take a bit longer. Time is running out........Have fun.

  2. You are having way too much fun with your large selection of processing apps! Thanks for sharing the results.

  3. That's how I normally feel when I bat - first winter nets tonight!


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