Sunday, 23 April 2017

Cymbidium Orchid Number Two

It is about four weeks since the first Cymbidium orchid opened its flowers.
They are still in full bloom with no sign of fading as yet:

DSCN7220 Cymbidium

They have now being joined by the first of the flowers to open on the larger plant:

DSCN7218 Cymbidium

As it has just started opening I expect the colour will improve a bit over the following week.

Nearly in May and the BBC weather forecast for this area for Tuesday to Thursday threatens locally heavy Wintry showers! As it covers all the East Midlands I expect (hope) that will apply more to the higher ground in the Derbyshire Peak District but best to be prepared, just in case. It was only yesterday I put away my snow shovel until next Winter.

An amusing sight I wish I could have photographed last week. A Wood pigeon flew across the garden hotly pursued by a House Sparrow which was only six inches behind the pigeon.  I wish they would do that more often.


  1. I love that orchid flowers last for so long. Great photos.

  2. The flowers are so very beautiful - lovely photos :)


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