Thursday, 27 April 2017

Full Spectrum Church

Though bitterly cold, Tuesday morning was really bright with a lovely blue sky. Just the right lighting conditions for taking the D1200, modified for 'full spectrum' photography, on our mid morning walkabout. First job with cameras modified to take near IR and UV along with the visible spectrum is to set the white balance as this changes a lot as lighting conditions alter. Recommended is to take a shot of green foliage, grass in this case, and set the white balance to that:


Now, after a bit of post processing, most colours will be somewhat near to true though green foliage will end up nearer browns.

A look at the village church and a few grave markers:

From the nearby estate:

East window from the public footpath:

From the old part of the graveyard:


One of the old gravestones (1860 something):

One of several old crosses:

The newer part of the graveyard:

Finally the lych gate:

A lovely morning walk unlike the afternoon when we were caught in a heavy hail shower.


  1. I enjoyed these.
    I can see a grey card approaching. The problem with using green is that a digital sensor has the same number of green receptors as red and blue combined. Never really got my head round this one.

    1. Adrian: I think using grey card is another suggested method of adjusting white balance for these modified cameras. Will give it a try next time, see what difference it makes.

    2. If you process RAW image then save the RAW grey image and take white balance from that before processing the others. Don't forget to set WB on the camera to something other than auto or all your images may be different.

  2. Yep, we had three major hailstorms. Today, it's just raining all day

  3. Looks a rather interesting church and I love the lych gate :)
    Fascinating to read of your experiments with white balance. Have only got a standard dslr but it is the one control I usually leave on auto. Have experienced some rather strange results when I have altered it!!


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