Sunday, 16 April 2017

Greenhouse Flora and Fauna

Over the past couple of years the greenhouse has been more of a junk store than a growing house so the big clear out has started to get it back to the use it was designed for.

Clearing a bench and shelf made room for the 20 strawberry plants which arrived a couple of days ago, 10 earlies and 10 lates, hopefully for a crop of my favourite food next year:

DSCN7209 strawberry

DSCN7208 strawberry

While moving some of the rubbish out I found a mouse nest made from chewed up frost protection fleece and scuttling around a box was this 2 inch (50mm) beauty:

DSCN7207 spider

It looks to me to be a Eratigena atrica, sometimes called a giant house spider


  1. You got it John. Can't they run fast.

    1. Adrian: Yes, it made me jump when it first moved.

  2. Woah! Strange to see one this tome of year!

    1. Simon: Haven't seen one indoors for several years. Took me by surprise seeing it in the greenhouse.


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