Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Just One

It's about five weeks since I planted the seeds which I hoped would become giant strawberry plants. So far just one has shown signs of life:


Now it's a question of nurturing it to full size and waiting for some runners to produce more plants.

I think I mentioned previously that my wooden lean-to shed was rapidly rotting. I had ordered a plastic shed to replace it. That arrived unannounced yesterday morning so I spent the day demolishing the old and erecting the new:


Astounding what can be achieved with a lump hammer and a wrecking bar!
Plenty of clearing and tidying up left to do once the old joints stop aching a bit.

During the demolition process a movement caught my eye:


One of the garden frogs decided it would be safer to move further away from the action.


  1. Love that frog John. As for demolishing the shed - just think what frustrations you were able to get rid of.

    1. Weaver: I was pleased to see one of the fully grown frogs.

  2. Nice looking shed. Does it have a floor?

    1. Wilma: Yes, all the sides clamp on to a floor panel.


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