Sunday, 9 July 2017

Spots, Little and Large

Saturday was a day for spotting spots.
First was a Gatekeeper butterfly which obligingly settled on some pond plants for a while:


Both under and top of the wings have two little white spots in a black circle:



It was just the right weather for looking up as well as down.
Moving from the tiny to the ginormous:


As it came into view recently Sunspot AR2665, the largest seen this year, was observed to be growing rapidly. The dark centre is larger than the Earth.

A closer crop:


Gentle reminder folks: looking or pointing a camera or telescope straight at the Sun is a definite NO NO unless you are using a filter designed for that purpose. The Solar filter I use reduces the strength of the Sunlight something like 10,000 times to make it safe to point the camera at the Sun. I wrote about it here.


  1. Many year since I've seen a Gatekeeper. A treat.

    1. Adrian: Not often they will stay still for me.

  2. I was wondering if you were going to photograph that sunspot when I read about it on Great results for it and the gatekeeper.

  3. Wilma: When I noticed it looked good for Sun photography I had a look on to see whether there were any Sunspots.

  4. Beautiful photos of the Gatekeeper. Saturday was the best day so far here this year for garden butterflies.

    Wonderful to have the right equipment to get a photo of the Sunspot.

    1. RR: Thank you. Lots of little brownish one down the lane but they insist of keeping moving.


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