Wednesday, 15 May 2019

What a Whopper

Yesterday I drove down to a mower centre on the coast to have a look at some ride on mowers. The route along the back country lanes takes me through the village of South Somercotes.  Passing through the village I always have a quick glance at the village church. Very noticeable, even from a distance, is the size of the spire. I've been promising myself for years to stop and take a closer look but it is positioned near a narrow, dangerous Z bend in the road. This time, on the way back home, I found a nearby lane where it was safe to park.

The following photos were taken with my Nikon Coolpix S9050.

The tower and spire probably date back to the early 15th Century



The church is known as "The Queen of the Marsh".
Local legend suggests the spire was built so tall to act as a beacon for sailors.
The parish register dates back to 1558.

Once in through the North door


the 15th Century font can be seen. It is carved with the instruments of the Passion.


including two flails, two lances and four nails


The interior of the church is roomy and light.


The pulpit




Moving on through the chancel screen


one can see the altar table


and a harmonium. (I used to have one like that many years ago)


On a table there are two old bibles.
I had a close look at one of them


It contains many full colour illustrations. This is the title page.



Looking back towards the base of the tower


The belfry hold three bells, two dated 1423 and the other was cast in the 14th Century.

Outside -looking at the tower and spire from the South side


The South entrance porch


The walls of the church are a mixture of limestone, sandstone and greensand with some repairs patched with brick. The nave and chancel are roofed with Welsh slates and the aisles with lead.

Finally, a fascinating niche in the base of the tower


Information on the history of the church was gleaned from a small booklet produced by The Churches Conservation Trust.



  1. It's a real gem. Good to see that the tithe was put to good use in years gone by.

  2. What a super church - so interesting to see your photos and video. The spire does look tall!! An interesting font too and the bible looks old!


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