Monday, 4 May 2009

And Then There Were Two

Very variable weather here yesterday. Bright start soon followed by light rain followed by cool winds all day. During the periods of sunshine Bobby made the most of it and lazed on the lawn with an occasional back rubbing session followed by a good shake all over.


Just before bedtime Bobby again heard our spiky friend only this time there were two. Of course by the time I had a camera ready they would only show a pair of posteriors.



I waited a while but they stayed in ostrich mode with their heads hidden from view. Later, after I had finished clearing up indoors, I nipped out for another look. I could hear such a loud snuffling and it took a while to trace it. It was one, or both, hedgehogs sniffing and rooting around on the other side of the fence. I could see both amongst the weeds.

For a couple of nights I had put down a tray with some peanuts behind the shed but they were untouched. On both occasions we had seen the hedgehogs they were under the bird feeders no doubt gathering the scatterings of marauding Starlings.
Tonight I will try leaving a bit of dog food in a bowl under the feeders and see if they eat that. They had better get to it before Bobby does.


  1. Great shots of Bobby and the hedgehogs. Our resident hedgehog is often found by Lucy under the bird table.

    Not done bad with the weather here over the last 2 days, looks like it's our turn today.

  2. How lovely to have two hedgehogs now John. I wonder if they're a pair - you might have more than two if so. :)

    I've heard the hogs like cat food; but it's possible that Bobby does too.....

  3. Bobby looks to be having fun there John, and so happy.
    Good news about the hedgehogs. Soon have a family of them. :)

  4. Thanks Snowbabies. Been pretty dull and much cooler here today.

    Tricia: I guess they are a pair as it is the mating season and hedgehogs are normally solitary creatures. There is a difference in size but the smaller one I think is too big to be one of last years brood.
    Funny you should mention cat food. Some years ago I had a dog who turned his nose up at tinned dog food but would devour cat food. I had a browse on the net and as long as the food is meat and not fish or salty it should be OK.

  5. A lovely sequence of photos of beautiful Bobby, how he was enjoying the garden! Two hedgehogs now, this is geting exciting!

  6. Keith: Could well be the rustle of tiny spines soon. There was a brood here last year.

  7. Jan: Bobby has the odd mad five minutes but I think that's all he can manage these days. Probably as well otherwise I would never keep up with him.

    Back to one hog as far as I could see last night. I will keep observing and see what happens.

  8. How about a webcam John? ;)

  9. Tricia: It may happen some day in the future - if I can find a reliable way to get good video into my PC.


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