Thursday, 28 May 2009

Around My Pond

Enjoying the warmth after a lovely beef carvery at a local hostelry this lunchtime I browsed the pond in my garden. I spotted one of the Common Newts so I fetched the camcorder but didn't think I had time to set up the tripod. Needless to say as soon as I got the camcorder lined up it spotted me and disappeared into the sludge at the bottom of the pond. While I hung around I spied the first damsel of the season - one of the blues but it only stayed a few seconds this time.

I hung around and was rewarded by the newt coming back to the surface a few times so I managed, for the first time, to get some somewhat shaky hand held video. In the later part of the video you can see the large back feet and the spotted belly quite well.

Just as I decided that the newt was going to disappear and I might as well put things away again I saw something splashing about in the little waterfall at the opposite end of the pond. A Blue Tit was having a good old wash and brush up. I had only been thinking the other day that I had never seen a Blue Tit bathe and here one was. Again - hand held and I've cut out the worst shakes and slowed the action by a quarter to make it a little easier on the eyes. There are two visits to the waterfall in a short period of time but I'm not sure whether it is two birds or the same one.

The waterfall is very popular with the birds. This I can tell as there are always water splashes over everything near it! I keep promising myself that I will set up the camcorder, on a tripod, one day and see how many different birds use this facility.


  1. Nice posting Midmarsh John. The sparrows in my garden used to fly under the water outflow in the pond, great entertainment and I don't even have to go out

  2. That was very enjoyable John. It was nice having a look in your pond and the Blue Tit was having a high old time! I also enjoyed the accompanying bird noise/song, did I detect the sound of those pesky Starlings there!

  3. How nice to have birds bathing in the waterfall like that - and right in your garden!

  4. Thank you Andrew. I think garden birds are always entertaining. I would love to have seen your sparrows antics.

    Jan. Thank you. I'm quite sure those Starlings were there, surprisingly in the background. It was just whatever sounds the camcorder microphone picked up.

    Mick. There are not many easy watering places around here so my little waterfall has given many birds somewhere to have a good wash.

  5. Couple of good clips John.
    That Blue Tit is really enjoying himself.

  6. John, I have missed seeing your pond lately. It's a feature I wish we had room for here (in our 0.0101239 acre!) I especially like the waterfall - in my next life I think I will be a Blue Tit in your garden. Lovely videos.

  7. Loved your movies fav though is the birds taking a bath...I don't know what it is about birds taking a bath but it always puts a smile on my face.

  8. Loved watching the newt enjoying your pond, with its interesting markings! Have you seen him in there before, and are there more than one? The bird was having a wonderful time splashing about ~ quite thorough! Nice to meet more of your garden visitors! I think I have a pump somewhere for a pond ~ I must try and find it!

  9. Thank you Crista. I know what you mean. Birds bathing do look so funny as they work so hard at making all their feathers wet.

  10. Thank you Glo. There have been newts in the garden for many years. I have seen five different ones and possibly a sixth. Now the temperatures are rising they will probably leave the pond during the Summer.

    The birds really do love the shallow pools on the waterfall, even more so when there is running water.


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